Expanded offer! Our automatic dispenser & sanitiser bundles

Expanded offer! Our automatic dispenser & sanitiser bundles

Our first dispenser & sanitiser bundle was so popular that we have decided to expand the offer. Meaning the more you buy the more you save!

These offers are perfect for & have been proven popular by schools, pubs, restaurants & other high traffic areas.

As the threat of Corona virus starts to rise again, the need for quality sanitiser dispensers like ours is increasing. Don’t get caught out buying a below par dispenser that is going to break after a few uses leaving your business open to the threat of cross contamination. Show people you care about their wellbeing and safeguard your business by providing the best performing sanitiser dispensers on the market.

Our dispensers are the best about, designed to function in high traffic areas they are perfect for all environments. We have had great feedback schools, pubs & restaurants about our sanitiser dispensers, which is why we have designed our bundles to help these type of businesses to safeguard with a higher volume of units at a competitive price.

These dispensers are the most hygienic solution, they have a touchless operation using automatic sensors that limit the chances of cross contamination to a maximum. Unlike other wall mounted dispensers, the Bremmer dispenser has a sleek, contemporary design which makes it ideal for any washroom environment. They also have a very easy to use quick and easy refill function, The automatic sanitiser dispenser features a simple loading, quick-fill system with a sight window to easily assess gel refill needs.

To view & buy our offers visit our shop today to make a purchase!


We also very pleased to announce that we are now stocking floor scrubbers & a range of new soap & sanitiser dispensers & hygiene products. Making Bremmer the perfect one stop shop for all of your hygiene and washroom needs!